Zach Oswald

Corona Virus

Brandonwound Pickups is still operating as long as the USPS system is running, We have plenty of stocked parts to get through this rough time. We are also speeding up lead times to get your pickups to you faster as we know most of you are at home wanting to modify your guitars,

Double Cream Humbuckers

Just a reminder: I can NOT sell double cream humbuckers. It is trademarked by DiMarzio. No exceptions. Currently there is a case where that trademark is being reviewed and will possibly be dismissed. Lets hope for the best. Until then I’m very sorry.


We now offer a version of the almighty Dirty Finger. We tweaked some of the specs like having 1 bobbin with slugs rather than 2 screw bobbins. We also use 1 high power magnet for a richer focus. Play heavy metal with a tight control and tone. 


Hey everyone! you can now hear me, Jared Brandon, Todd Novak, and Jeff Fischer yakking about guitars talking to other guitar nerds about gear and nonsense on the Guitar Knobs podcast! Please enjoy!