Jared Brandon started Brandonwound Pickups around 2007. He started out doing rewinds and humbucker sets from StewMac pickup kits. Over the years Jared found the best recipe and parts to create the best sounding and vintage looking pickups. Zach Oswald started around 2015 under an apprenticeship. Zach now is an expert builder and one of the best at aging parts and pickups. He is now running and owner of Brandonwound Pickups.

4 thoughts on “About”

    1. I have best remiss.in my thanking you …..and sharing with the world…for the outstanding rewind done on my wide-range Fender humbuckers.
      It’s.rare when I play that someone ,to the extent of their knowledge, doesn’t ask about your pickups, and I’m happy to share.
      Almost to be a man they will use words like tight, definition, sustain and clarity.
      Who am I to argue?
      Hats off guys. Outstanding job.

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