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We offer a service that transforms your current wide range pickup into to vintage spec wide range. We gut out the newer historical incorrect humbucker parts and add vintage size wide range bobbins that can hold the correct vintage size coil wire. We also use threaded pole magnets and the steel plate you find on the original wide range pickups. The pickups are wound up to vintage spec. By default, we wind the neck a little less than the bridge to balance things out. You’re welcome to suggest your own specs. We can use 4 wire lead or vintage pushback.

Don’t worry, your current covers will fit our mods just fine!

We do not have cunife magnets. We use an alloy composition comparable to cunife called FeCrCo. We also use A3 for the covered magnets and this has given us the best result.  We gauss or threaded magnets to the same strength as the original cunife for the same result in magnetic performance.

After purchase, please ship us your pickup(s) to be modded to

Brandonwound Pickups

6154 Johnstown Alexandria rd

Johnstown oh 43031



It’s not worth getting your pickup crushed.


2 reviews for Wide range pickup modification

  1. Collin Smith (verified owner)

    I had this modification done for the reissue WR pups that came with a used Mexican Tele Deluxe I bought. These re-wired pickups are unbelievable crisp. Super open sounding, with no muffled tones from the neck or bridge. Every guitar tech that has heard them has commented on how special they sound, and I have to agree. Brandon is also very helpful.

  2. Donald Adams (verified owner)

    I had my guitar’s reissue WRHBs rebuilt. I received them yesterday, and installed them right away with 500k pots rather than my Squier’s original 250K. This was Brandonwound’s recommendation. I followed instructions online about how best to set the pickup height, taking my time to listen to subtle changes as they were lowered (the instructions were to start with the pole pieces on the neck pickup at 8/64 below the e and E strings when they’re depressed at the last fret, and then to lower them until finding the sweet spot. Afterwards, the recommendation is to adjust the bridge for equal output. Surprisingly to me, the bridge is actually 1/64 further away from the strings than is the neck pickup. This is counter to my experiences with humbuckers (and pickups generally).

    Anyway, the difference between the old pickups and the Brandonwound rebuild is huge! Not creamy like a PAF, not mids-focused like a P90, not like a single coil. Some elements of all. Very articulate and balanced, which is exactly what I was hoping for. None of the “mushy” mess one sometimes gets with chords on a PAF. Lots of tele-like high end. Neck growls nicely with a bit of OD. Also warms up with a tweak of the tone knob. Middle position adds additional sparkle. Bridge is bright, takes OD well, and really cuts through a mix as far as I can tell in my limited time with it. I’m trying my best to sound like Tab Benoit – I think this is the right pickup, but I don’t have the right hands!!

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