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Brandonwound Pickups
6154 Johnstown Alexandria RD

Johnstown oh 43031

Please always use a cardboard box. NEVER ship in an envelope. We will not be responsible for damage when shipped irresponsibly.

We have a great rewinding service. We can rewind about anything as long as the pickup is not filled with epoxy. We can rewind all Fender style, Gibson style and also many vintage gold foils, DeArmonds, Hershey bar pickups, speedbump pickups.

If you know how many coils you need re-wound please select the appropriate amount of rewinds here.

We charge more for gold foil type pickups like DeArmonds, Kay Speedbumps, Hershey bar pickups. If you don’t know what pickup applies to which service please email [email protected]


rewind types

single coil, gold foil type like DeArmond, speedbump, etc., humbucker rewind


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