TTop Humbuckers

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Our TTops are unique because we are the only pickup manufacture that sells after market TTops. We own the mold to the bobbins.  We also have the bobbins in cream for zebra or reverse zebra. We wind the bobbins with poly wire, use Alnico-5 short magnets, and give a boutique sound.  These TTop models give more character, more range to open up your guitar. These are excellent for restoring your old guitar.

PLEASE email [email protected] for any changes or specs you would like to apply for your liking.

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3 reviews for TTop Humbuckers

  1. Kirk (verified owner)

    Best humbucker I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried dozens). Full humbucker sound with fantastic definition and treble chime. Very open and responsive.

  2. Ryan Sorgatz (verified owner)

    Definitely an improvement over the pickups that came stock in the guitar. More clarity and sparkle, while retaining the classic humbucker sound.

  3. Andy Beisel (verified owner)

    I bought these in April and it is now November. I wanted to wait to make a review after playing them some some time. I play clean and on the edge of breakup in the styles of country&western, swing, and soul. I find these pickups nail the sounds I go for. I love Gibson T-Top pickups and these get really, REALLY close. T-Tops are also known for Angus Young rock tones and they nail that, too. I highly recommend these pickups. Can’t recommend enough.

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