Buford T Bucker


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Our newest product. This is a slightly modified version of the classic Dirty Finger pickup made years ago. These pickups are for hard rock and heavy metal. Think focused with an impressive dynamic range for it’s power. Another cool factor is that we use T-top bobbins like the first era of original Dirty Fingers pickups. bufordtbuck

We build the Buford T Bucker with one powerful magnet versus 3 magnets. We also pot these very well. We use a slug bobbin and a screw bobbin rather than 2 screw bobbins. We use a 4 wire lead for splitting options. These pickups will range from 15.5K to 16.2k



Buford T-Bucker

Buford T-Bucker NEW (non aged 1 pickup), Buford T-Bucker set NEW (non aged 2 pickups), Buford T-Bucker aged (1 pickup), Buford T-Bucker aged set (2 pickups)


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