Noiseless Jazzmaster Pickups

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After many requests to make noiseless pickups, I started with this set first. Without giving away secrets, I have found the best way to capture the classic jazzmaster tone we all know but without the annoying 60 cycle hum. There are a few other builders who have their own great versions but mine are built quite differently.

There are 3 different colors of covers to choose from which are black, white, and cream. The covers are standard size.

The bridge output is around 9k and neck output around 8k.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of being released from the awful hum associated with the traditional Jazzmaster.


Noiseless Jazzmaster Pickups

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1 review for Noiseless Jazzmaster Pickups

  1. Jocelyn Goulet (verified owner)

    Great pups,quiet and upgraded sound…Highly recommended!Thank you!

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